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Key Services


Helping organizations to:

bullet Attract, hire, manage, develop, and retain high performing diverse talent
bullet Align human resource programs and results with corporate objectives
bullet Minimize employment practices related liability
bullet Improve employee relations and commitment, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, and organizational effectiveness/competitiveness

Helping individuals to:

bullet Assess personal strengths / weaknesses, goals and interests
bullet Enhance knowledge / skills, performance effectiveness, job fit, satisfaction, and employability


bullet All employees are key resources.  Organizational competitiveness depends on the ability to obtain and sustain a high level of performance and commitment from every employee.
bullet The ability to help individuals with diverse backgrounds and needs to maximize their individual and team contributions is a required competency for every manager or leader
bullet Maintaining an environment of equal opportunity where all individuals are free from discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment; are provided the resources necessary to perform their jobs effectively; and are valued based on their demonstrated capability to contribute, is the obligation and competitive necessity of every organization.


bullet A network of highly qualified professionals with significant breadth / depth of skills and experience from various position levels and industries, both domestic and international.
bullet Ability to design and implement customized solutions to address unique needs.
bullet Availability of varied, flexible, short or long-term contracting and consulting services (e.g., outsourcing, project development and implementation, coaching, training, facilitation, performance improvement, and issue resolution).



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